Car Washing Services FAQs

When should I wash my vehicle?

Don’t wait until your vehicle is covered in muck and dead insects, if left on they can eat away at the wax on the cars paintwork and degrade the look of your paints shine. Always remove bird droppings and tree sap immediately. Bird dropping contain acid and if left will almost certainly damage your paintwork.

What products should I use to clean my car?

Whatever you do, don’t use washing up liquid or household cleaning products, these will strip the wax from your paintwork. Washing up liquid is probably the biggest culprit for paintwork damage due to the fact it contains extremely fine granule of salt, I’m sure you have seen pink cars driving round that used to be red, these have probably been washed with washing up liquid at some point in their lives, the wax has been stripped and paintwork damaged and then exposed to the suns UV…. voila pink car!

We would advise using a quality car wash shampoo product specifically designed for vehicles. Always apply with a large clean sponge, washing is best applied in sweeping stokes as opposed to circles, as cleaning in a circular motion tends to leave swirl marks which are usually visible when the paintwork has dried.

Shampooing the bodywork:

Always try and work the water and vehicle shampoo into a consistent lather creating plenty of suds. Rinse your sponge regularly in a separate bucket to minimise transference of debris. Try not to wash your vehicle when it is hot, if it’s a warm day and your vehicle has been sitting in the sun or you have just been driving it as the heat will speed up the drying process, making washing more difficult as smears and deposits will form on the paintwork.

The rinse:

When rinsing your vehicle, use a hose without a nozzle and allow the water to cascade and flow over the vehicle from top to bottom, the resulting sheeting action helps minimise pooling of water on the bodywork.

The drying:

We recommend that you do not leave your car in the sun to dry after rinsing or driving it around the block as you will almost certainly have water marks on the bodywork. Do not use abrasive towels either to dry you vehicle as they will leave minute scratches in the paintwork. We suggest you use a chamois (natural or synthetic), a micro-fibre towel usually does a good job and leaves a top quality finish.

How do I clean my wheels?

Always use a separate sponge when cleaning wheels and use a quality wheel cleaning product to remove stubborn brake dust such as wonder wheels. Apply the solution, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse off thoroughly with clean cold water making sure not to splash onto surrounding paintwork as these products tend to use a mild acid solution.

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